Julian Wheatley

WELCOME! いらっしゃいませ!

Julian Wheatley is a Tokyo-based British music record producer and professional recording engineer.

Whilst working in a variety of “top” London studios learning the recording black arts, he found himself on the Tokyo-bound Narita Express, heading for a one month album project with only a mug of Japanese green tea and a Bourbon biscuit for company.

Having never found the train back again, he is still there. (Note to self: Tell Ma I won’t be home for tea).

During that time he has worked on thousands of projects with countless popular Japanese “beat” groups and many, many television commercials & film soundtracks.

Of late, Julian has diversified into live PA and audio-visual design & construction work. But that is a story for another website.

Julian currently lives in the very wonderful Shimo-Kitazawa with the very wonderful hedgehog, Frank.

His hobbies are Nigori Zake and practising his earthquake drill by getting under the kitchen table and shouting “Ni!”.

He is chopstick savvy and fluent in the lingo. And yes…he can eat Natto. He does not have a television…

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Japan Standard Time is GMT +9 Hours. お願いしま〜す。

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