Julian Wheatley
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Image of home taping is killing music logoSend your music! As a professional record producer and recording engineer, Julian is always on the lookout for new artists and talent of any musical genre to work with and/or introduce to his extensive contacts within both major and indie record companies in Japan.

Please send at least three examples of your work, including song lyrics (if applicable); a profile; any promotional material and some pictures if available. You can send either original or cover material. Also advise if you have any gigs coming up and don’t forget to include your contact information. Don’t worry about the quality of your recordings - it’s the content which matters!

You could archive everything up into one big file with your favourite compression tool and upload it directly to this web-site by following the link below. The max upload is 30MB.

File Upload Here

Alternatively, for those of you who haven’t caught up with the industrial revolution yet, you can send everything (MD, CD-R, DAT, DVD, cassette or pretty much any format is OK) by snail mail to the following address:

Julian Wheatley
Think Sync Integral Co. Ltd.
4-7-27 Aobadai 3F

Unfortunately, none of your material can be returned, but please be assured of a prompt reply.

Thank you.