Julian Wheatley


Image of a glass of beer It’s not easy you know…finding the money every month for beer; choice morsels for Little Frank, and generally trying to maintain an extravagant lifestyle well beyond my means. Not to mention lesser matters such as paying the exorbitant rents extracted by fascist Tokyo landlords and satiating Japan’s bloated utility companies.

Now I do know that you all want to give me birthday and Christmas presents and the occasional little gift, and believe me I understand how difficult it is with your busy daily lives to put that little something in an envelope and get down to the post office. However, fret not for help is at hand. You can always:-

Clicking on that shiny little button above will whisk you away to PayPal, the place where you could put me one click nearer my Utopian dream. If everyone visiting this site donated a mere months’ salary few sheckles, why, I would never have to work again! Just think! I could be toasting you all with a large cocktail whilst lounging on some exotic Indonesian beach with some exotic Indonesian babe. Just think about the good that you would have brought into someones life the next time you’re having a hard day at the office.

Please…remember the little children.