Julian Wheatley


I was in a Sony TV commercial in Japan! They were flogging-off some sort of mini-componant HiFi system called Pixy.

Anyways, it was all tied up with a band call Dreams Come True and was set in a recording studio.

I guess they wanted a token foreigner to add a bit of je ne sais quoi (don’t ask…) so, being a studio engineer, old muggings ‘ere gets the call.

I was told to get there at 10 am, which I did - was waiting around ’til about 2 pm, then did my bit which took all of 2 minutes and I got £500! Ah, the bubble economy days…

I found out much later that the actual rate for this work should have been £1500!!! I was ripped. There are 2 versions and don’t blink or you’ll miss the back of my head.

Various magazine and newspaper articles:

A 6-page interview about engineering techniques taken from a monthly book (mook) published by Japan’s premier recording magazine Sound and Recording - Download (Japanese language PDF format 7.7MB)

Article by singer/songwriter Takako Shirai about home recording featuring yours truly in the 16th February 2001 edition of the world’s largest circulation newspaper the Mainichi Shimbun - Download (Japanese language PDF format 2.5MB)

Interview from the April 2002 issue of Player magazine. (Not available yet)

If you can believe it, my humble abode was featured in a 2003 Interiors magazine! Either the editors were mentally deranged, or the Japanese language article was prattling on about how NOT to decorate you room. (Not available yet)

Interview from the February 2004 issue of Player magazine. (Not available yet)