Julian Wheatley
Music Samples


Double click on the pictures to play. All excerpts are in QuickTime format and are around 600K.

hitomi - (yep - all lower case) is known for her distinctively high voice - but manly (and I have to agree here) for being completely hot - got her big break while auditioning for a modeling gig in Yokohama back in ‘93, where she met full-time twit and eminent “music producer” Tetsuya Komuro. The following year she released her debut single entitled Let’s Play Winter from Avex Trax. hitomi writes moist of her own lyrics, with the exception of the odd cover - one example being the Bananarama hit Venus which features on the B-side of this, her first single of 2005, the stunningly originally entitled Japanese Girl, which I was asked to have a stab at mixing.

Shizuka Kudoh - I give up. Try as I might, I just can’t give you much info about this one. Even Wikipedia has only this to say: “Shizuka Kudo (Kudo Shizuka, born 14th April 1970, Chuuou, Tokyo) is a Japanese singer and J-Pop idol who made her debut on 31st August 1987. She was also a member of the groups Onyanko Club and Ushirogami Hikaretai. She married SMAP member Takuya Kimura (popularily known as Kimtaku) in 2000, and they have two daughters: Kokomi (2001) and Mitsuki (2003).” That’s it - not very exciting, I’m afraid.

Ryouko Shinohara - Man, I really get to work with all the babes! Ryouko debuted as part of the curiously-named Tokyo Performance Doll upon it’s inception in 1990. In 1994 she left to pursue a solo career and released her first single, which was produced by Tetsuya Komoro (not him again!). Since then she has gone on to release a string of hit singles and more recently can be found appearing in several Japanese TV dramas. I hear that young Ryouko got married to a chap 24-years her senior, so there’s hope for me yet.

Towa Tei (featuring Chara) - In this offering, the former Dee-lite trendster teamed up with Japanese pop sensation Chara to record this self-penned track. The single contain 3 radically different mixes of the same track. Engineering by Julian.

The Brilliant Green - Affectionately known as Buriguri, this bands almost UK-style pop finds fans too amongst many non-Japanese. Their meteoric rise to fame shook the “slowly but surely” approach adopted by many traditional Japanese record companies. This track was the first single released from their Terra 2000 album. The members have since gone on to pursue solo projects - the most notable of which is Tomoko Kawase with her Tommy February persona.

Chara - Ranks amongst one the most successful Japanese female solo artists in Japan. This track is taken from her 1,000,000 selling Junior Sweet album. Chara appeared in a tres cool J-movie called Swallowtail about life in Tokyo’s underbelly - highly recommended!

Triceratops - The first single from this Epic-Sony act. Julian has worked continuously with this Japanese 3-piece outfit, playing a powerful blend of pop and rock, since their debut in 1998. Check out their Home Page (Japanese language only).

Shampoo - Used for a major TV commercial campaign for one of Japan’s top beer manufacturers - This famous UK duo do their stuff as only they know how. Recorded and mixed by Julian.

Nokko - This Japanese chanteuse, formerly of mega-huge Japanese rock band Rebecca, has carved a name for herself as a solo artist. Her distinctive voice compliments well-crafted arrangements as this excerpt from her recent cover of the famous Supremes hit You can’t hurry love demonstrates.